Eye tracking equipments

What eye tracking equipments are suitable for your case studies, use cases and research?

Choose an eye tracking equipment is not an easy decision when you are a beginner or starting in eye tracking field. Most of the time it takes a lot of time and effort to apply and get fundings if you are researcher and it is also high investment for companies who expect to make a good use of it and generate some profit

Existing eye tracking companies on the market are more and more limited. Some of eye tracking companies disappeared and some were acquired by companies such as APPLE and GOOGLE. The main remaining eye tracking companies are Tobii, SR Research, Smart Eye, Pupil Labs, Ergoneers, Gazepoint, LC technology, Seeing machine, ISCAN and EyeV

Paris Eye Tracking Academy is happy to share his experience and support you in your decision process. In this page, you will be able to find all Eye tracking suppliers, some information about the companies and type of equipments they are offering



Tobii glasses 2

Tobii is a Swedish company developing eye tracking solutions for research and professionals for more than 15 years. Tobii was the first company who developed a desktop eye tracking system easy to use and accessible to anyone. They were very successful in business field and with companies doing marketing research. They are also very strong and successful in the field of infants research/Babylabs and psychology where the usability and easy to use are very important.

Tobii offers all type of eye trackers such as, Eye tracking glasses, remote/desktop and for Virtual reality. Tobii technology has been already integrated in the gaming laptop Alienware and the HTC VR Headset (HTC vive eye)

SR Research


SR Research is a company from Canada developing eye tracking solutions for research for more than 25 years. Their products are very well known and recognized by scientific community and many publications from leading scientific journals are mentioning their products. SR Research is also well known and appreciated with the performances and high data quality of their solutions and excellent support provided. The main eye tracking systems developed by SR Research are desktop/remote with or without MR compatibility

Cambridge Research Systems

Livetrack eye eye tracking

Cambridge Research Systems is a company based in UK developing high-end equipments for vision research for more than 25 years. They developed the first affordable remote/desktop eye tracking systems combining high performances for research. Cambridge research is also well known for his excellent technical support and MRI compatible equipments

Pupil Labs

Pupil Labs

Pupil Labs is a promising company from Berlin developing affordable mobile/wearable eye tracking systems for professionals and research since 2014. Pupil Labs were very successful the last 5 years and their solutions improved a lot in term of performances. They are very strong and successful in the field of Human factor, Human computer interface. 


Gazepoint eye tracker

Gazepoint is a company based in USA developing affordable remote/desktop Eye tracking systems for Neuromarketing and biometric research for more than 10 years. 

Smart Eye

Smarteye eye tracking

Smart eye is a company based in Sweden developing Eye tracking systems with multiple cameras offering wide tracking range for more than 10 years. They are very strong and successful in the field of Automotive research and car industry. Their solutions are very well known with their high performances, accuracy and wide tracking range. Analysis part is also easier as the gaze data are recorded in the same local coordinate.

However, Smart Eye solutions require more effort for setup and calibration